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LV Eco Color Washing liquid

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LV Eco Color Washing liquid

An ecological new product containing 96.1% naturally derived raw materials.

1 L

Ecological laundry washing

This ecological new addition to the LV product family is gentle on skin and the environment. LV ECO Color liquid is EcoCert labelled and 96.1% of the raw materials are derived from nature. The product contains enzymes that increase the washing effect and the product is produced using 100% renewable energy and the package is made out or recycled materials. LV Color liquid is vegan, free from fragrances and colourants, and a better choice for you and the environment.

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LV Eco products are Ecocert Greenlife certified

LV launches strongly certified and sustainable products for washing laundry and dishes


Always aim to wash full machine loads of laundry. Dosage the washing detergent according to how dirty the laundry is and how hard the water is. Excessive use of detergent will not make your laundry cleaner, but is on the other hand harmful to the environment. Protect the environment by lowering the water temperature for normal washing programmes.

Recycling instructions

The top and bottle in plastic packaging are made of different kind of plastics (HDPE and PP). Rinse the packaging with cold water, remove the top from the flask and recycle them both as plastics.

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