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LV launches strongly certified and sustainable products for washing laundry and dishes

Kuvituskuva. Astian- ja pyykinpesunesteiden pullot vihreiden pyyhkeiden edessä.

LV launches strongly certified and sustainable products for washing laundry and dishes

According to surveys the Finns show an increasing interest in applying personal values to consumption. In order to respond to this demand, we decided to be the first company to launch strongly certified laundry and dishwashing products that support sustainable development.

LV Eco Color laundry detergent and LV Eco Dishwashing liquid are part of the newly launched LV Eco-range.

These products have four certificates: The Swan, the Ecocert certificate, Vegan standard and the Allergy logo. The Finnish market has never before seen such strongly certified laundry detergents or dishwashing liquids.

– Consumers ask us more and more about the raw materials, packaging materials and production of our products, Daniela Berner-Ax, Brand Manager at Berner, tells us.

– The certificates offer consumers a simple and non-partial way to find out how our products’ raw materials are procured and how the production is conducted.

Did you know that 96.1% of the LV Eco Laundry detergent and 98.7% of the LV Eco Dishwashing liquid are sourced from nature? When developing new products, we aim for the smallest possible environmental impact by using 100% renewable energy for the production.

All new products, such as the rest of the LV-range are odourless and without colourants.

– LV products are free from odours and colourants, which is why they are perfectly suited for people with very sensitive skin, and families with children as well as people that wish to reduce their impact on the environment and chemical pollution load, Berner-Ax rounds up.

The products are available in well-equipped grocery stores.

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