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LV Color Washing liquid (refill bag)

LV Color pyykinpesuneesteen täyttöpakkaus
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LV Color Washing liquid (refill bag)

Washes coloured laundry clean, minimising any waste.

1,5 L

Refill pack saves the environment

LV Color Washing liquid for coloured laundry cleans textiles effectively yet gently. The product contains a colour preserving agent that binds colourants that have soaked into the water and prevents other textiles from being coloured. This effective consistency washes stains from baby food, tomato and make-up effectively. Free from fragrances and colourants, so your laundry smells fresh and clean. This refill bag for LV Color Washing liquid contains less packaging and waste, which is why it is a better choice for the environment. The refill bag is easy to recycle as plastic or energy waste. Developed in co-operation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.


Always aim to wash full machine loads of laundry. Dosage the washing detergent according to how dirty the laundry is and how hard the water is. Excessive use of detergent will not make your laundry cleaner, but is on the other hand harmful to the environment. Protect the environment by lowering the water temperature for normal washing programmes.

A 1.5 litre package is enough for 30 washes, and 2.5 litre for 60.

Recycling instructions

Rinse the package with cold water and recycle it as plastics.

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