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Terms of Service

General terms

The user of Berner Ltd’s web services (hereafter ‘services’) agrees to comply with these terms. These terms apply to the Services provided and maintained by Berner Ltd. ‘The Services’ refers to any and all services provided or maintained by Berner Ltd, such as (

Berner Ltd reserves the right to, without prior notice, change the Services’ terms, design, content, accessibility and discontinue the Services. Berner Ltd also reserves the right to interrupt the Services at any time for maintenance and updates.

Berner Ltd is not responsible for third party content linked from the Services.

Using the Services

The Services are publicly available to everybody. Registration and logons are required for the media kit service.

The Services shall be used for personal and non-commercial use only. The use of materials is permitted without prior permission, but the copyright holder shall always be mentioned. All rights are reserved.

The user agrees to use the Services in accordance with law, statutes, regulations of public authorities, fair use and good practice. The user is liable for the violation of these terms or unfair or illegal use ot the Services.

No messages of racist, derogatory, defamatory or otherwise illegal nature shall be sent to or through the Services. The Services shall not be loaded or strained by spam, junk mail or mass mailings, nor shall a user give misleading information about his or her identity or contact information. Any messages or files sent by the user shall not contain viruses or other malicious payload.

Privacy Policy

The Services respect and follow privacy laws where applicable. No user registers are formed. E-mail adresses and contact information are only provided voluntariy by the user when he or she requires an answer to a question or customer response. General statistical information, such as, but not limited to, the user’s IP address, time of visit, pages visited, and browser used, is collected in order to develop the Services.


The Services, all content therein and all immaterial rights are owned and controlled by Berner Ltd. Copyright laws are applied to the Services.

Image Rights

All images in the Servies are owned by Berner Ltd. The images shall not be released for marketing or advertising purposes.

Information Security

Berner Ltd requires users, prior to using the Services, to be aware of the fact that net environments and net services are never completely secure. When using the Services the user is responsible for the information security of his or her own systems.


Berner Ltd strives to maintain the Services operational without interruptions. Berner Ltd is not responsible for service interruptions, due to e.g. technical problems, data transfer issues or maintenance cycles. Berner Ltd is not responsible for changes to or removal of the content provided.

Software and user systems

When designing the Services, the largest number of combinations of operating systems and internet browsers have been considered and tested, as to provide the Services to the largest number of users possible.

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