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LV Color Washing liquid (savings pack)

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LV Color Washing liquid (savings pack)

Washes coloured laundry clean, minimising any waste.

2,5 L
  • Manufactured in FinlandFragrance-free

Less waste with a savings pack

LV Color Washing liquid for coloured laundry cleans textiles effectively yet gently. The product contains a colour preserving agent that binds colourants that have soaked into the water and prevents other textiles from being coloured. This effective consistency washes stains from baby food, tomato and make-up effectively. The refill bag is easy to recycle as plastic or energy waste.

The product is colourant- and fragrance-free. All LV products are made in co-operation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, which the Allergy logo is a mark for.

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