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LV Color Washing powder

Valkoinen LV Color pyykinpesujauheen pahvipakkaus, jonka kannessa värikäs kuvasommitelma
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LV Color Washing powder

Keeps the colours clear and removes dirt and stains effectively.

750 g
1,6 kg

Effective results without added fragrants

LV Color Washing powder removes stains and dirt effectively. This colour wash keeps the colour bright. The powder is free from zeolite and do not leave residue in clothes or the plumbing of the washing machine. It is a better choice for the environment and the skin. The powder is suitable for sensitive skin and also ideal for washing baby clothes, recyclable diapers and hand wash. Free from fragrances and colourants, so your laundry smells fresh and clean. Developed in co-operation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.


Always aim to wash full machine loads of laundry. Dosage the washing detergent according to how dirty the laundry is and how hard the water is. Excessive use of detergent will not make your laundry cleaner, but is on the other hand harmful to the environment. Protect the environment by lowering the water temperature for normal washing programmes.

750 gram packages are enough for 22 washes and a 1.6 kg package is enough for 48 washes.

Recycling instructions

Recycle the empty package among cardboard.

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