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LV Dishwashing liquid

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LV Dishwashing liquid

Gently wash your dishes clear and clean.

500 ml
  • VEGANpH 5,0

Clear and clean dishes

LV Dishwashing liquid is a product developed for handwashing of dishes: it removes stains and dirt effectively. This gentle product is developed for sensitive skin and is gentle on the hands as its pH 5,5 is close to the skin’s own pH. This product is free of fragrances, meaning it doesn’t leave unnecessary scent on the dishes. Developed in co-operation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.


Save water, energy and the environment by applying the right amount of washing detergent (2 ml/5 l water) – effective wash does not require a lot of foam. Do not wash under running water.

Recycling instructions

The top and bottle in plastic packaging are made of different kind of plastics (HDPE and PP). Rinse the packaging with cold water, remove the top from the flask and recycle them both as plastics.

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