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LV Hydrating Prebiotic conditioner

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  • Hair

LV Hydrating Prebiotic conditioner

Helps maintain a healthy scalp.


200 ml
  • VEGANpH 4,0

Shine and vitality for hair

The gentle LV Prebiotic Conditioner provides intense hydration for the hair and scalp. The prebiotics in the product promote growth of beneficial microbes and maintain the scalp’s natural, healthy microbe flora in balance. The betaine from sugar beet hydrates the hair and improves their flexibility. The hair becomes soft, easy to comb and treat, looking healthy and strong. Suitable for the Curly Girl method!

Recycling instructions

The top and bottle in plastic packaging are made of different kind of plastics (HDPE and PP). Rinse the packaging with cold water, remove the top from the flask and recycle them both as plastics.

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