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More environmentally friendly laundry

Käsi, jonka ympärillä roiskuvaa vettä kirkkaassa valossa.

More environmentally friendly laundry

When you want to reduce your environmental load, small choices matter. 

1. Always aim to wash full machine loads of laundry.

2. Pay attention to how much laundry detergent you use. Excessive amounts don’t make your laundry cleaner but instead it burdens the environment and the sewage farms. Therefore, it is advisable that you measure your detergent according to how dirty the laundry is and how hard the water in your area is. This is something you can check with your local waterworks.

3. Lower your normal washing up temperature. However, if you suffer from dust allergy you should still wash your linen in 60 degrees.

4. Care for your washing machine. From time to time, leave the hatch open and let the machine dry properly in between washes. Also, regularly do a 90 degree white-wash with a bleaching detergent (powdery washing detergent for white laundry) and follow the instruction set by the manufacturer of your washing machine. You can also do a maintenance wash with 100 grams of citric acid that you can purchase at the pharmacy. In that case, use the hottest washing programme there is, but leave out any prewash. After that, do another wash with normal detergent and a 40–60 setting without prewash.

5. Choose a zeolite free detergent as they don’t clog up the machine nor its compartments or the plumbing. In that way your machine stays cleaner for longer.

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