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A beautiful bikini line without the skin rash

3 gentle and effective ways

A beautiful bikini line without the skin rash

3 gentle and effective ways

Gentleness is key when it comes to both intimate care wash and bikini line hair removal. Beautician Anne Sario at Berner tells us how this is done the right way.

Red, itchy, spots and ingrown follicles are a nightmare when all you really wanted was a smooth finish and a tidy bikini line.

The problem is well-known for certified beautician Anne Sario at Berner; she has decades of experience in counselling the public on cosmetics and hygiene.

– The hair growing in our intimate area is rough and therefore the follicle is easily irritated and inflamed. The skin on the other hand is thin and too much harsh hair removal might irritate it, Sario comments.

– After removing the hair, the skin might still sweat and rub against underwear, and that’s when things get worse.

With the following tips you will get a neat bikini line gently and effectively.

1. Use the right agents

The removal of hair in the intimate area is easier if the hair is softened in advance. Go to the sauna, press the skin in the area with a warm and wet towel or rinse it with warm water before shaving the area. Wash the area with a gentle washing liquid or foam that doesn’t irritate the skin, and rinse well.

Then spread some shaving foam or washing liquid on the area you want to shave.

– If you have a lot of coarse hair, the shaving foam could work, but for most of us a milder washing gel or foam is enough to do the job, Anne Sario adds.

2. Use a sharp and clean shave

If the hair is long, then consider pre-cutting it a bit with a pair of nail scissors. In that way the hair does not get stuck between the blades, blocking up the razor.

When shaving, tools matter. Therefore; forget the old, dull and unclean razors: instead choose one that is of good quality and one that is as new as possible. When shaving it is key to be gentle.

– Do not press, but rather let the razor glide lightly over the skin, Anne Sario guides us.

Using the right technique is also important: whilst one hand tightens the skin the other one is used to use the razor to shave off the hair. In this way the razor cuts the hair in the exactly right angle, and the blades cut better.

For some people, the hair can be shaven off easily, whilst others may have to use the razor several times on the skin.

– It is worth shaving in several directions to get a good finish. Start by shaving against the hair, then continue to shave to the hair, and finally shave across.

Rinse the skin with warm water to calm the skin after shaving, and finally rinse with cold water so that the pores contract.

3. Finish up with a cream

After hair removal, put on a skin cream that protects against a rash. It is worthwhile to keep using the cream even after hair removal.

– This is a way to prevent pimples. The skin remains soft and the hairs don’t grow inwards, Sario explains.

LV intimate products nurture the skin gently and effectively

The Finnish LV product range has launched a new LV Intimate wash foam and intimate cream for gentle care of the intim area

Even daily shower gels contain a lot of washing against, which is why they might make the sensitive skin in the intim are irritated and dry. The pH of washing soaps is usually higher than the natural pH in the intim area.

LV-intimate products have a low pH that supports healthy skin. The products also contain a lot of hydrating glycerol and lactic acid.

– Thanks to the handy pump mechanism, the LV intimate washing foam actually contains less washing agents, making it gentle on the skin, Laura Martikainen, product development chemist at Berner adds.

– The hydrating LV intimate cream on the other hand, contains prebiotics that promote the growth of beneficial microbes on the skin and making it healthy.

The products of the LV product range are odourless and free from colourants, which is why they are well-suited for sensitive skin.

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