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Prebiotics help maintain a healthy scalp

Prebiotics help maintain a healthy scalp

LV recently launched a new hair care product range containing prebiotics. While many consumers might be familiar with probiotics, prebiotics are still somewhat unknown. So, what are these prebiotics, and how can they be used in hair care?

Prebiotics are non-digestible plant based carbohydrates, that selectively promote the growth of healthy bacterial strains.  LV-products use oligosaccharides as prebiotics, which are produced from natural sugars, sucrose and maltose.

What are prebiotics good for?

Prebiotics promote the beneficial conditions for microbes on the skin. In this way they help maintain a balanced microflora on a normal scalp. Un unbalanced microflora on the other hand, may cause problems for the scalp as the skin can become itchy and dry.

LV Prebiotic Shampoo and Prebiotic Conditioner

LV Prebiotic Shampoo gives the scalp a gentle wash. In addition, the betaine contained in the product hydrates the scalp as well as the hair itself. The hydrating Prebiotic Conditioner leaves the hair soft. When the hair is hydrated, it becomes more flexible, shiny, smooth and they look healthier.

LV Prebiotic Shampoo and Conditioner are manufactured in Finland in co-operation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. They are odourless and without colourants and suitable for sensitive skin.


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