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Water and LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap are an unbeatable pair for hand washing

Water and LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap are an unbeatable pair for hand washing

The secret to clean hands is to wash them with water and LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap. Proper washing with this recipe removes virtually all bacteria from your hands, according to our recent research. That is why adding antimicrobials to soap seems unnecessary.

“The COVID-19 pandemic taught Finns to wash their hands. People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of products on their microbial balance and resistance. The environmental perspective also stands out strongly. We wanted to investigate the antimicrobial properties of one of our classics, LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap. We were surprised by the results,” says Maria Liljelund, Product Development Chemist.

The test was carried out in autumn 2021 at a prestigious German research laboratory. Liljelund now shares the surprising results.

1. What was the aim of the study?

At Berner, we wanted to explore how effectively washing with water and LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap removes bacteria from the skin of the hands. At the same time, we wanted to find out whether we should add antimicrobial agents to soaps in order to fight microbes more effectively.

2. What were the key results?

LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap washes away virtually all bacteria in a normal hand wash: from a hundred thousand bacteria, only one remained on the hands after a proper soap wash. The same level of efficacy applies to products classified as disinfectants.

“We have been asking for a long time whether it makes sense to add antimicrobial ingredients to soaps. This study confirms our belief that it does not. It makes no sense for us to add the active ingredient to our soap when washing with our product removes microbes as effectively as disinfection. In my opinion, when washing or disinfecting, it should be done properly. Unnecessary or poorly done disinfection should always be avoided.”

The study has only been carried out on LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap and that the results cannot be generalised to all soaps.

3. The results were surprising – why?

Soap and water are known to be a powerful combination. I was a bit sceptical about whether we can scientifically study the cleaning effects of washing with soap. We tested LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap with a test that is intended for disinfecting soaps that contain antimicrobial active ingredients. In addition to washing, soaps containing antimicrobial agents also destroy microbes. After receiving the results, we found that our soap was so effective that adding antimicrobial agents to this product would not improve the cleaning effect. It would only increase the chemical load unnecessarily.

4. Should hand sanitiser be used at home alongside hand washing?

In general, we recommend washing your hands with water and good soap at home. If you are away from home and unable to wash your hands, a good hand sanitiser is useful. However, there are times when you should use hand sanitiser at home in addition to washing with soap. For example, if a loved one has a weakened immune system or a highly infectious microbial infection, such as hospital bacteria, norovirus or coronavirus. You should also use hand sanitiser at home when at parties and when you have a lot of guests.


LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap is proven to be  effective

Berner conducted research on LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap. The results showed that washing the hands with LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap removes microbes as effectively as disinfection.

According to Maria Liljelund, Product Development Chemist, the study confirmed that it is not reasonable to add antimicrobial ingredients to soaps that are harmful to antimicrobial resistance and the environment.

The fragrance-free and preservative-free LV Biodegradable Liquid Soap is ideal for washing the hands and bodies of the whole family. Gentle on the skin and the environment, the product contains real soap and has a pH of 9.0. The product is manufactured in Finland.

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