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Wave goodbye to stains from berries and porridge!

Wash your children's clothes clean

Wave goodbye to stains from berries and porridge!

Wash your children's clothes clean

Clothes of a toddler or a child in play-age rarely stay clean for more than a moment. When removing stains time is of essence and fast action combined with effective, yet gentle, detergents are key.

Learning to eat with a spoon, drink milk from a mug and diaper training – the life of a toddler or a child in play-age are filled with new things to learn and challenges to face. Clothes rarely stay clean as they often get stained by food and drink.

Minna Salmela Chemist at Berner gives us her best tips ever, that will get your child’s clothes clean.

1. Remove stains quickly

The faster you remove stains, the better the result after washing normally. Impregnated, old stains are harder to remove from clothes because as the stains dry, they fasten tighter in the textiles.

2. The right amount of detergent

When washing children’s laundry, it is important to follow the recommended dosage on the laundry detergent packaging. Using too much product will not make your laundry cleaner, but instead it can leave traces of detergent on the clothes.

– Using a washing liquid might be easier than using a powder, as it is easy to fill up the cork and dosage the right amount of detergent that way, Minna Salmela adds.

3. Wash in the right temperature

Children’s clothes are best washed according to the recommended temperatures mentioned on the labels. A lot of cotton is used in small children’s clothes and it can normally take 60 degrees well. This is a recommendation worth following.

– A wash in colder temperatures might in some cases affect the colours and bleach them. In addition, you won’t get rid of all stains and microbes* if you do your wash in only 40 degrees.

4. Selecting the right agents

The Martha Organization recommends gentle and odourless detergents like LV Washing Detergent for washing baby clothes and laundry.

All LV products are developed in co-operation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, and the products only contain raw materials which are considered necessary for the purpose of the products’ use.

– LV has a short and concise message which is “Less is just right”. The products are odourless and without colourants because these ingredients don’t affect the washing in any way, says Salmela.

LV Pikkuväki Washing Liquid is developed especially for washing baby and small children’s laundry. It specifically targets protein and starch stains such as milk, porridge and potato stains as well as fruit and pectin* stains. It also effectively washes away all traces of spit-ups, pee and poop, and it neutralises any odours even in low washing temperatures.

LV Pikkuväki is also ideal for washing reusable diapers. The product provides a lasting effect: one bottle will last you for 33 machine washes.

Clean your washing machine!

Are you often washing laundry in low, below 60 degree, temperatures? In that case, you should remember to regularly clean your washing machine as well, so that it stays clean on the inside. Choose an ecological active ingredient such as vinegar, which will remove all the calcification. Make the vinegar solution required for a maintenance wash yourself and mix one litre of pure vinegar with 2 litres of water and pour it into the machine and run a white-wash programme. Then wash an empty load with a normal laundry detergent.

*  Microbes are normally invisible micro-organisms which are invisible to the plain eye, like bacteria, viruses and fungus ie. moulds.

*  Pectin is a carbohydrate that is found in all plants. There are especially a lot of pectin in raw berries with peels, apples and citrus fruits. Pectin is also found in jams, jellies and marmalades as it promotes jellying.

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