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Prevent the spread of virus with LV hand sanitisers

Prevent the spread of virus with LV hand sanitisers

The Coronavirus has caused much concern in regard to infection risk. Good hand hygiene and proper protection can however prevent pathogens from spreading, and hence reduce the number of people contracting respiratory tract infections. Read what our pros say and get their top four tips on what’s best to do right now.

There is still no Coronavirus vaccine that would protect from infection. The virus resembles the SARS virus, and transmits from one person to another via respiratory fluids via hands, the air and surfaces.

The professionals at Berner tell us how we can effectively prevent the spread of different viruses.

Mies pesee käsiään saippualla juoksevan veden alla.

1. Wash your hands well

A good washing of hands reduces the amount of pathogens on the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to wash your hands with plenty of warm water and soap whenever visiting the bathroom and especially before meals. Drying your hands thoroughly further enhances the effect.

Kolme taiteltua pyyhettä, joiden edessä pieni LV käsidesipullo

2. Use LV hand disinfectant when necessary

LV Hand disinfectant is the first hand sanitiser where effects against not only bacteria and yeasts were tested but also the effect against the norovirus. This totally odourless product is free of colour agents, and its effect has been recorded in numerous tests. It is also suited for sensitive skin, and its ethanol content is 74 weight %.

The use of hand sanitisers effectively prevent the spread of the most common infectious diseases among children, whenever fresh water isn’t available. If you don’t exceed the recommended dosages, the ethanol used in hand sanitisers is not absorbed into the bloodstream; even if the child would put their hands in the mouth right after applying hand sanitiser.

Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well before applying the sanitiser. Take approximately 3–5 ml and rub it into your hands until the alcohol has evaporated. Make sure to carefully rub the product all the way out to your fingertips.

3. Cough the right way

Prevent airborne droplet infection by learning how to cough the right way. Protect your mouth and nose with a piece of disposable tissue paper when coughing or sneezing. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze in the top end of your sleeve rather than into your hands. Then, immediately dispose of the tissue by carefully placing it in a bin.

4. Clean all surfaces at home

You can catch a respiratory virus infection by touching the same surfaces someone with the infection has touched; i.e. door handles at home. This is why it is important to clean the toilet, taps and contact surfaces thoroughly.

LV Disinfectant for home surfaces is a ready-to-use alcohol based fluid for the disinfection of clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. It finishes the clean off perfectly as it effectively and quickly kills bacteria, the most common moulds, yeasts and viruses.

Spray LV Disinfectant on a clean and dry surface, leave it to sit for about two minutes and then wipe it off for example with a disposable cloth. Because the LV Disinfectant for home surfaces is not a washing liquid, it should never be used when not necessary but only when needed, when you have reason to suspect a risk of infection.

During an epidemic it is good to remember that washing hands and surfaces is really important, as the disinfectant only gives the finishing touch.

LV Hand disinfectant and LV Disinfectant for home surfaces are products developed for consumer use. For professional use we recommend our Berner Pro products.

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