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Do you know what the carbon footprint of your skincare products is made of?

How LV minimised its carbon footprint

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Do you know what the carbon footprint of your skincare products is made of?

How LV minimised its carbon footprint

Does the amount of ingredients in a facial serum matter? And how does the packaging affect the product’s environmental footprint? LV calculated the carbon footprint of its new reinforcing skincare range.

LV is the first Finnish cosmetics brand to calculate the environmental impact of its new product line. In early 2023, LV conducted a life cycle analysis and carbon footprint calculation on the LV reinforcing skincare product range. The carbon footprint of the new range is small, but LV wanted to make the line of products carbon neutral. That is why it decided to compensate for the remaining emissions.

LV has made these eight choices in order to increase the sustainability of the LV reinforcing facial care range. Many of them reduce the carbon footprint of the products without compromising on quality.

Punatukkainen nuori nainen kuivaa kasvojaan kylpyhuoneessa vihreällä pyyhkeellä

1. Only biodegradable ingredients

All ingredients in the new LV reinforcing skincare range degrade in the soil. This ensures that they leave as few residues as possible in the environment.

2. Avoiding unnecessary heating

We only use ingredients that do not require heating to high temperatures during mixing. Cold mixing uses 80 percent less energy than hot mixing.

3. Only essential ingredients

LV products always aim for the most sensible combination of ingredients that meets your skin’s needs. All unnecessary is left out to make the products as skin-friendly and ecological as possible. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

4. No fragrances and dyes, please!

All LV products are suitable for sensitive skin and are free from fragrances and dyes. By the way, did you know that these are the least important ingredients from the point of view of the product promise?

5. Smart packaging and labels

Packaging accounts for about one third of the carbon footprint of the new products. LV’s “less is just right” ideology also applies to packaging. The packaging is circular and the labels are mainly made from Finnish tall oil.

6. Roots in Finland

The products in the new range come from Berner’s Heinävesi plant, just like the majority of LV products. Local production saves an enormous amount of transport kilometres and employs Finns. All LV products manufactured in Finland carry the key flag label.

7. Who needs a mountain of different products?

The new reinforcing range consists of only four complementary products. This is all you need for your basic skincare. For years, LV has advocated using fewer products – and this philosophy is currently trending worldwide.

8. Tip! The way you use the product also matters

If you use the cleansing gel without water, you will reduce the product’s carbon footprint by 50%. fThe life cycle calculation revealed that hot water has a surprisingly large impact on the environmental footprint of the product.

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