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5 super ingredients for the best of your skin – LV's trusted ingredients

LV:n uusi kasvojenhoitosarja; vahvistava seerumi, micellar puhdistusvesi, micellar puhdistusgeeli ja vahvistava kasvovoide.

5 super ingredients for the best of your skin – LV's trusted ingredients

Each LV product is the result of meticulous product development and each ingredient has been carefully selected. Outi Tarakkamäki, Head of Product Development at LV, introduces her favourite ingredients, which guarantee that LV skincare products are effective and gentle.

Less is just right – this is the LV ideology that guides the selection of ingredients for the products. The products should include everything essential, but nothing unnecessary. The aim is to keep the list of raw materials, or INCI list, as short as possible.

We want to create products that are effective but also suitable for sensitive skin, without fragrances and colourants. We always strive for the most sensible combination of ingredients that meets the skin’s needs. LV’s most trusted ingredients often have a wide range of effects. For example, if the same ingredient both protects and soothes the skin, using it will help to shorten the list of ingredients” says Tarakkamäki, who has worked with the LV brand for 15 years.

LV products have ambitious sustainability requirements, and the choice of ingredients is the foundation of everything. The new reinforcing skincare range has undergone a life cycle assessment, i.e. the environmental impact of the products has been studied from the sourcing of ingredients to the recycling of empty packaging.

“In the future, we hope that more and more ingredients will come from industrial side streams. A good example is betaine, an effective moisturiser that is sourced from sugar beet as a by-product of the sugar industry,” says Tarakkamäki.


Powerful ingredients of LV skincare products

LV:n vahvistava kasvovoide ja vahvistava seerumi

1. Multi-effect niacinamide

For several years, niacinamide, or vitamin B3, has been on the lips of skincare experts across the world and in Finland. Beauty bloggers all over the world have shared their experiences with this long-established, on-trend miracle that can do anything. Both protective and reinforcing, it increases skin elasticity and prevents impurities.

Niacinamide has multiple effects, which is why we have included it as an ingredient in all four products in LV’s new reinforcing skincare range. As gentleness is one of the important benefits of niacinamide, it is also an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin.

In LV Reinforcing Serum and LV Reinforcing Face Cream, niacinamide strengthens the skin barrier. This helps protect the skin against airborne pollutants, blue light and free radicals caused by UV light. It also balances the production of sebum, helping to reduce shine on the skin.

Niacinamide in LV Micellar Cleansing Water and LV Micellar Cleansing Gel helps prevent the effects of air pollution. Instead of washing, both products can be wiped off the face, which increases the protective efficacy.

2. High-tech peptides

Peptides are high-tech ingredients that are frequently used in premium skincare products. In LV Reinforcing Face Cream and LV Reinforcing Serum, peptide acts as a moisturiser. The same peptide also accelerates the production of proteins that transport moisture in the skin.


Kuva LV:n uudesta kasvojenhoitosarjan tuoteperheestä.

3. Super hydrating hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has been a trending ingredient in cosmetics for a long time. The super power of hyaluronic acid is that it can bind a thousand times its weight in water in 5–12 hours. It also has a moisturising role in LV’s facial products, such as LV Eye Cream, LV Moisturising Face Cream 48 h and Protecting Day Cream SPF 15.

4. Reinforcing ceramides

In addition to cells, the skin barrier needs ceramides – fats that deeply moisturise, protect and repair the skin’s surface and hold the skin’s cells together like plaster. Ceramides provide long-lasting protection for sensitive and dry skin. In LV products, ceramide can be found as an active ingredient in LV Repairing Night Cream.



5. Soothing and restorative allantoin

In the same way that vintage garments have become trendy, old, tried-and-tested cosmetic ingredients are reviving. One of them is allantoin, a soothing, skin-replenishing and moisturising ingredient that has become a hit in cosmetics in recent years.

In the early 1900s, it was discovered that allantoin was one of the active ingredients in plant extracts used in traditional medicine. Since then, it has been successfully produced synthetically.

The benefits of allantoin are achieved even at low concentrations, and it does not irritate the skin. That is why it is a trusted ingredient in many of LV’s face care products, such as LV Facial Serum, LV Micellar Cleansing Gel, LV Facial Toner, LV Peeling Cream, LV Repairing Night Cream, LV Moisturising Face Cream and LV Reinforcing Serum.

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